Typography Reel

The second ( and last ) reel from me, and… this one is 99% typography centric. I felt the need to separate type from the mixed bag stuff and so… here we are:


Showcasing various work from Short Film title cards / sequences, Commercial, Personal mess arounds, idents for TV and Film, Captions for TV promos, a type centric film for The Times and one Motion Flyer.

For a breakdown of those roles here’s a list in edit sequential order with links to the relevant page on graphic onions.

0:00 Ident
0:13 Times
0:19 Hennesy
0:20 The Letter ‘R’
0:27 Clean Living
0:29 Duel of Desire
0:30 Teachers TV ident
0:35 Messiah
0:36 The Life of Jimmy Horton
0:39 One More Tune
0:40 O2
0:45 Teachers TV ident 2
0:49 AE Indie Films ident
0:54 Lucozade
0:55 The Returned
0:56 Knife Party
0:57 Random Acts
1:00 Nike KTI
1:02 Times
1:13 Nike: Nothing Beats a Londoner
1:15 Live and Lost
1:17 Times
1:25 New Balance
1:27 BMW
1:30 MSN
1:34 Film Five – Ident
1:37 Times