The Times – Cultural Impact

I got the opportunity to co-direct with the talented director Robert Blishen on a web film for The Times newspaper. Bettsy Works production co. had been asked produce 12 films for The Times entitled The Unquiet Series. They handed the Cultural Impact film to Rob who in turn got Time Based Arts involved who in turn got on the phone to me. When Robby met Jessy…

Rob had a broad idea of how we were going to weave very different stories throughout history into one film, and we soon started storyboarding and getting some ideas together. It soon became apparent my involvement in the film was going to be vast, and Rob graciously offered me the co-directing credit. I of course turned it down grabbed it with both hands.


So we embarked on a crazy 6 weeks of storyboarding, working up ideas, animation, getting a look right adding archive footage, getting stock footage approved removing a massive Pablo Picasso section as the Picasso foundation wouldn’t allow us to manipulated his work in the ways we wanted… and generally working all hours to get something that resembled a film out in time. It was quite a stressful time, but the results after a year or so of not looking at it… were worth it.


The story showcased some of the major happenings in the world that were covered by the newspaper from last century throughout two world wars to The Rolling Stones and into modern day with current Times editor Kate Moran featuring.

Using all my gathered skills in story telling, editing, 3D modelling – lighting – animation, compositing, graphic design and drinking a ton of coffee, I think we managed to link a range of media from non existent sources. These ranged from generated 3D through to old film transcodes and finally into shot footage in HD format and wrap all of that mixed media into something that felt consistent and also progressed in with the ages we were racing through.


Watch the film here:


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Directed by Rob Blishen & Jess Gorick

Produced by Peter Maynard @ Betsy Works

3D generalists
Sam Osborne @ time-based-arts
Zlaten del Castillo López

End sequence composited by David Birkhill @ time-based-arts

Production & Archive
Chris Aliano @ time-based-arts