More4 – Christmas 2013

Time Based Arts got in touch again for a very quick and simple design brief for 4Creative‘s xmas season of programmes playing out on More4 over the festive period. Director Rob Blishen asked TBA to create a minute long spot that explores the idea that “every day on the channel reveals another treat” through the metaphor of an advent calendar.


I was asked to work with Rob to come up with the designs for the front of the advent calendar. It made a nice change to work purely on illustrations and within such a tight brief. That brief being a simple no fuss design that harked back to yesteryear… simple type work and almost vintage design ideology. It of course then fell on Time Based Arts talented 3D team to make my simple designs into a living working advent calendar, albeit one that defies logic… I am always blown away with their ability to create photo realistic moving visuals from such simple building blocks, nothing short of mastery of the dark arts.



Watch More4 Christmas promo courtesy of Time Based Arts


The Delivered ArtworkTBA_more4_chrimboDesigns_08


Director - Rob Blishen
Production Company - 4 Creative
Producers - Catherine Wood, Liz Arnott

Time Based Arts
VFX Supervisor - James Allen
Flame - Luke Todd, Stephen Grasso, Toya Drechsler, Matt Shires
Smoke - Mike Aveling
Nuke - Leandro Vazquez, Andre Dias
Graphic Design - Jess Gorick
Previs - Poul Resen Steenstrup
3D - Poul Resen Steenstrup, Stuart Turnbull, Ben Cantor, Jeroen Hooghoudt
Production - Chris Aliano
Grade - Time Based Arts