EE – Launch Film

Another chance to work with the Time Based Arts boys came around. This time in the form of a secret project simply entitled  ”Project 11″. One NDA signature and polygraph later, I discovered it was for a brand launch film for Orange & T-Mobile’s new mobile phone service Everything Everywhere.


Being the first implementation of the new brand we were working closely with Archers Mark and at the same time the international branding agency Wolff Olins. The film would consist of a live action edit with typographic and graphic elements tracked into the real world. A system of a living font and network of particles known as The Smart Layer, had already been 6-10 months in development with the likes of Zeitgeist & Man vs. Machine having a hand in it’s development under the meticulous direction of the designers at Wolff Olins. This would be the first time it would be tested and implemented in a new real world situation, that coupled with a ludicrous 2 week deadline and the brands first high profile launch film… we rose to the challenge.

EE_brandFilm-3 EE_brandFilm-5

Time Based Arts had faith in me to be VFX supervisor on the shoot, and it was my responsibility to inform, guide and make sure we got what we needed from the shoots for tracking and compositing purposes. As well as that role, my main duty’s were to absorb a very complicated C4d set-up and hammer it into shape to be adaptable to span over 20+ shots and keep within the original vision.


48 hrs straight to finish culminated in a weird scenario which came about whilst completing the job was seeing it play out in part on the 10 o’clock news (following the official press launch) and then going back into work the next day to finish it!

Watch EE Launch film courtesy of Time Based Arts



Director - Thomas Bryant
Producer - Hannah Clark
Agency – Wolf Ollins : Jody Hudson-PowelNeil Cummings
Edit - Trim
Grade – Ben Rogers @ Glassworks

Time Based Arts
Post Supervision – Jess Gorick
Flame – James Allen, Dave Birkill, Billie Vine
Nuke – Matt Shires, Andre Dias
Smoke – Mike Aveling, Gavin Burridge
Lead 3D and Animation – Jess Gorick
3D – Kenny Badex
PFTrack – Toby Winder