Diesel – Days To Live

Anthony Dickenson & Time Based Arts got in touch with me again. This time to lead on a innovative campaign for Diesel TimeFrames, by Crispin Porter & Bogusky, that inspires people to make the most of the time they are alive. Based on some real science and a good dose of humour, calculates the number of days users have to live. The online questionnaire was to be accompanied by a TV spot to drive visits to the online website.


After extensive meetings with Anthony and Storythings regarding the content and flow between environments a storyline was decided. It was my responsibility to oversee how  we would visually get through the story from start to finish and Storythings’ to direct us technically. There was a huge amount of fantastic content captured by Anthony on the two day studio shoot, utilising a twin Red Epic camera rig and multiple pick up cameras.


Storythings set about programming the interactivity of the online questionnaire element whilst we streamlined the images and constructed the scenes.

Watch ‘Days to Live’ TV commercial courtesy of Time Based Arts:


Watch ‘Days to Live’ linear interactive edit:



Agency – Crispin, Porter & Bogusky
Exec. Creative Director – Matt Gooden
Creative Director – Henrik Delehag
Art Directors – Martin Jon Adolfsson, Philip Sinclair
Writer - Emma Penz
Producer – Rob Steiner
Production Company - Pulse
Director – Anthony Dickenson
Producer – Shirley O’Connor
Digital Prod. Company – Storythings

Time Based Arts
VFX Supervision – Jess Gorick, James Allen
Interactive Project Lead - Jess Gorick
Smoke – Mike Aveling, Gavin Burridge
Flame – James Allen, Dave Birkill, Luke Todd, Prince Yiadom
Nuke – Matt Shires, Andre Dias, Sabrina Rivolta
AfterEffects – Kuo Chieh Chung