Swanky Tunes – Phantom

A while back I had an idea for a video which involved someone cutting out shapes which come to life to dance in the space around them. I mentioned this to label guy Mark Hadfield whilst slightly inebriated at a gig and he loved it. He suggested I tweak the idea for an artist on their new label One More Tune, and a commission was commenced.

Thinking about the idea some more it was apparent I needed help, so who else than uber-cool fashion photography mogul Sarah Cresswell to co-direct with me. We set off tweaking the concept and came up with the idea of a totalitarian institution, within which a boy and girl do battle via creative means across a stark room. The boy would be cutting shapes, and the girl drawing them… the two forces would collide in the centre of the room blurring the boundaries between aggression and courtship.

Phantom-selects_Ex3 Phantom-selects_Ex6

I’m not sure we achieved quite those ambitious heights, but it was a laugh trying. watch Phantom :


Director / Edit / Animation / Post – Jess Gorick
Director / Director of Photography – Sarah Cresswell
Camera Assistant / Edit – Jim Holroyde
Boy – George @ Models 1
Girl – Lisa @ Union Models
Hair & Make Up – Cheryl Corea
Location – The Russian Club