Stooshe – Hoochie Mumma

The Third and final lyric video for Warner Music‘s artists Stooshe saw myself and Tom Oswald team up again. We wanted to take the medium even further and try new things. As these jobs are really intense and very time consuming for two people we needed to keep ourselves interested and not become a simple factory.


Creatively we decided to drop the graffiti typography and concentrate on drawn character designs / animations. We decided that this track had more of a swing feel to it, so pictured the girls in a The Supreme‘s situation… except with a Stooshe twist. The twist was a back end jazz bar in the wrong side of town. Smoke filled and late at night, all sorts of seedy punters are trying to just get on with their evening as our heroine Hoochie glides from one to the other trying to wile them with her charms. All the while our girls and their band played the soundtrack to the sweaty night.


Technically this also offered us a different approach as the character animations of the punters, Hoochie and the band would take so much of Tom’s time, we decided to create the backgrounds in 3D and give the bar a cartoon feel from that. This offered a nice change for both of us, as I could concentrate on the background as well as the typography, keying and compositing.


Watch Stooshe ‘Hoochie Mumma’: