Stooshe – F*ck Me

“Let’s take what you did with ‘Betty’ and evolve it..” was the brief for the latest Stooshe Lyric video for the hilarious and too the point track F*ck Me. And So we did, we went extra’s.


Myself and co-director Tom Oswald sat down and gathered all the seaside postcard innuendo and double entendre we could think of. With a stack of ideas we whittled them down and honed them into the track. Again we came up with a story board and shot the girls on green screen, performing the track and acting out our suggestive scenarios. After the edit was cut and finalised Tom set about frantically drawing the fantastic backdrops and selective typography, and I set about keying to footage and laying the ground work for compositing. Although we had honed our process down in our previous vid Betty… this one was much more ambitious and had many more scenes… needless to say there were some very late nights and early mornings.


Watch Stooshe ‘F*ck Me’ ( warning explicit content )