Miike Snow – Animal

Motion graphics & pre-shoot compositing for Anthony Dickenson’s music video

I helped Anthony with the pre-post post (not sure that’s a term, but its the post work animation done before a shoot after a shoot) on this ambitious music video. As well as animating, keying and compositing there was a very fiddly stage of matching and lining up projections with the set.

The result is a unique music video in which graphic, colourful country and city landscapes move and change in time with the music, whilst the band members transform into fantastical animals.

Creative Review – August 2009

After the film had been story boarded, sets built and projector set up we took photographs of the sets from the projectors lens position. 3D replicas of the set were made in C4D and templates in After Effects. These models / templates were then reprojected back onto the set to allow perfect line ups. Once the set-ups were in place it was a question of animating and supplying quicktime’s for re-projecting onto the sets. Many many, many hours Anthony spent re-photographing the set from different angles, frame by frame… some long exposure some standard to add yet another dimension to the piece.

By far my favourite part of the film is the cityscapes going from night to day with pseudo sun / moon shadowing from the 3D renderings.

Watch Miike Snow – Animal courtesy of Time Based Arts


Watch City Ending Render:



Record Label: Downtown / Columbia
Production Company: Pulse Films
Director: Anthony Dickenson
Producer: Tim Francis
Graphics Design: Jess Gorick
Production Design: Nathan Parker
DoP: Luke Scott
Editors: Anthony Dickenson / Charlie Castleton@ Cut and Run
TK: Benny Rogers
Online: Time Based Arts