East Arbor 19 – Ooh La La

Wow, 2011 was the year of the lyric video, so when independent label Morse Code Management asked me to make one for up and coming artists East Arbor 19, I jumped at the chance. The initial idea was simple, incorporate an instrument line up refelecting the band members, add some elements from the song and blow them all up.


I really liked the visual treatment I had started to develop on a previous experimental project The letter ‘R’, so I decided to evolve that further incorporating lyrics. The approach of restricting the colours to 2 + black & white, and adopting a print makers look is an interesting and challenge self constraint. Especially in the world of motion graphics in the digital age where the whole spectrum is a mouse click away. I think the results benefited from this approach and the whole piece has a Mod movement, punk aesthetic  which is in keeping with the bands sensibilities.

The typography is (and should be seen as) a clear homage to the godfather; Saul Bass… and especially the elegant yet simple hand drawn lettering on Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. In fact argueably a direct lift from that work.


One notable similarity and an unintentional one is with the Never Mind the Buzzcocks title sequence. Half way through the project and after a lot of 3D modelling and dynamics trial and error, a friend nonchalantly mentioned the similarity. Having not seen the work before I quickly checked YouTube and was mortified at the similarity. I think some of the models where even the same ones from the same source. I don’t no whether you could call it a Zeitgeist, just a really obvious idea, or maybe I had seen the work before… forgot it… then thought of it again, but it I think the two although similar are distinctly different enough to feel like separate works.

watch East Arbor 19 – Ooh La La