Devolution – Good Love

Warner Music asked me to treat on a music video for dance / dubstep act DEVolution.
I saw it as a fantastic opportunity to work with the incredibly talented photographer Sarah Cresswell. We henceforth joined forces and decided to co-direct the vid together. The brief was simple, Hot girl dancing to the track… with as much body popping as possible. This was no small ask as we soon found out super hot body poppers don’t grow on trees.


The idea was simple, we wanted the video to have a viral feel to it, and so many of the vids on Youtube consist of guys & girls dancing along to their favorite track in their bedrooms. We liked the idea and wanted to take it one step further, our heroine was dumping her boyfriend over video chat. She would then start dancing along to the track to show her recent x what he was missing. When the base kicks in we wanted to discard the bedroom homemade vibe and take the video in stages, eventually reaching a climax of lasers, brute lighting, wind machines, smoke & fog and confetti all kicking off and over the top. The overall sense that he had really f**ked up in letting her go, sexy but empowering at the same time.


watch DEVolution : Good Love



Label Exec - Anton Partridge & Sam Stubbings

Label Producer – Natalie Arnett
Director – Jess Gorick
Director / Directory of Photography – Sarah Cresswell
Producers – Sarah Cresswell / Jess Gorick

Girl – Dominika Van Santan @ Rudeye
Boyfriend – 
Dominic Nutt @ Models 1
Choreography – Rie @ Rudeye
1st Camera – James Holroyde

2nd Camera - Simon Kennedy
Camera Assist – Chloe Coates
Spark / Gaffer – Rob Wheeldon
Set Design – James Askham

Hair & Makeup – Louis Byrne / Jaimee Thomas @ Frank
Stylist - Natasha Wray

Runners – Katherine Oliver / Toby Warren
Studio – The Worx
Editor – James Holroyde

Post – graphic onions