Vodofone – Future to You

Guess what? Yes you guessed it, another one for Time Based Arts… assuming the ‘permalance’ mantle. This time the boys asked me to get involved in some HUD gfx and futuristic lift screen gfx for a new Sebastian Strasser infused Vodofone commercial.

The fist task was animating floor numbers rising up in a vid screen at the back of a lift in retro / futuristic setting. An un-named middle aged hero stands with a robot as they speed up, later to be seen breakdancing with each other in a bar. Yes you read that right. The animation was to be shot in camera for lighting and a lift set had been built in L.A. around a huge video wall. How it worked out the actual pixel real-estate I had to play with was something like 200×600 pixels… which gave a really pixelated capture… and the whole animation had to be upscaled to 2k for re-compositing at a later date. It still made a huge difference having the animation on screen and in camera due to reflections and light bouncing around the veneer panelling and skin of our lead actor.


A VR pod racing in game HUD was also designed and animated and smart car HUD control and entertainment system.

Vodofone_InteriorDesign-01 Vodofone_selects-03


The plan was to have the cars eye view also shown in the spot… this would show the car ‘pinging’ out and detecting geometry and people as it drove along the street. This shot was later dropped but some of the early development can be seen below.

A nice little part of the job was the GUI for a in-store 3D shoe printer… loosely based on Apple watch technology… and barely in shot. It did add a little something something to the overall futuristic feel



Watch the spot here:


Watch the Pod Racer HUD here:


Watch the Car HUD inside panel animation here:


Watch the Car view ( cut scene ) HUD development (un-comped) here:


As well as the commercial there was also a short 10 second spot advertising Vodofone for broadcast during the Le Monde race. I knocked up a quick HUD for a jet pack racer.

Watch the LeMonde HUD comp here:



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