The Life of Jimmy Horton – Short film titles

Long time collaborator and emotional confidant Anthony Dickenson, asked me to design some titles for his first Short film ‘The Life of Jimmy Horton‘. Of course I jumped at the chance… he’s got too much blackmail-able material for me to ever turn him down.


All jokes aside, after the first watch I was hooked and we set too working out what was required for the short. After many different approaches and styles referencing budget comedy east end posters and more hand crafted hipster coffee shop vibes. When adding several of these designs to the offline, we quickly discovered something was missing and the comedy value of the rough offline titles Anthony had thrown in there was gone. So basically we reverted back to that winning formula, and I managed to talk myself out of a gig… Well I did add a little finesse to the final product. Keep it simple Jess, keep it simple.

Here’s some of the reject design scamps:


As well as the x2 sets of front and back titles ( spoiler alert ) I designed and animated the credits for him also. All part of the service.




Watch the Short Film here:


Check out an alternative degraded titles here:


Myself and Tone liked this approach but agreed it felt too laboured and didn’t add to the comedy like the chosen more simplified approach did. BANG in your face simple poster title and cut from. hehe

Anthony Dickenson