Pearl & Dean – Tumbleweed Trainer

Time Based Arts yet again asked me to get involved with a cinema spot for Pearl & Dean, directed by the hot directing duo Thirty Two. A lovely homage to 1950s westerns, Thirty Two’s premise was a 50s documentary short, centred around the unsung heroine of the film industry, the Tumbleweed Trainer!

Having done some research, we decided to go for the classic Stagecoach logo type. I hand illustrated the letters, creating several passes of brushwork and just the right amount of ‘wonk’ to sell the logo as hand sign written on a glass slide for film. Only a days work, but proud never-the-less.

Time Based Arts’ tumbleweed rigging isn’t bad either!

Watch the spot:

Agency – Brothers and Sisters
Directors – thirtytwo

Time Based Arts
Supervisor/Flame Lead – Sheldon Gardener
Flame – Stephen Grasso and Thiago Dantes
CGI – Ben Cantor, Sam Osborne, Federico Vanone, Daniel Davie
Colourist – Simone Grattarola
Title Design – Jess Gorick
VFX Producer – Sam Napper
Executive Producer – Tom Johnson

Time Based Arts