Nike – Glory is Ours

Another chance arose to work with Anthony Dickenson on a Nike commercial. This time it was Barcelona FC vs Manchester United in the 2011 Champions League final. It doesn’t get more A-list in football than this. The client was Wieden & Kennedy, the production company Pulse films, animation & graphics by myself with grade, compositing and post-production at Rushes.

I was asked to design and create a specific tearing mechanic to ‘rip’ from one player to another, team to team as they uttered the words from a gladiatorial like mantra. To get the voices right with the 2 language subtitles and voices took some re-editing but eventually we hit on the right tone and legibility. The tearing mechanism was hand created with a sort of tear rig assembled that could travel from any A to any B on screen, with any width and have the same tears as the print campaign. This enabled me create all sorts of wipes and moves that fitted nicely with the look of individual players and work the pace of the film, gradually building up in momentum until the final crescendo… “Glory is Ours”

watch Nike : Glory is Ours :


Agency: W+K London
Creative Directors: Darren Wright/Stuart Harkness
Designer: Guy Featherstone
Creative team: Darren Wright/Scott Dungate
Agency producer: Anna Smith
Strategists: Graeme Douglas and Oscar Powell
Account team: Ryan Fisher and Alex Rogers
Director: Anthony Dickenson
Producer: Mark Harbour
Production company: Pulse Films
Editing: Chris Roebuck @ Speade
Post: Motion Designer- Jess Gorick @ Graphic Onions
Post: Rushes – Martin Goodwin
Sound: Aaron @ Wave
Music: Hear No Evil