Nike & FootLocker – KDI Investigates

When Time Based Arts asked me to get involved with their latest gig for Nike & Footlocker I jumped at the chance. This time around I was asked to create a series of spy graphics for screen replacement behind the scenes at “KDI” headquarters.

KDI_TBA-5Kevin Durant Investigates is a playful homage to the spy ‘Big Brother’ genre. However the twist being that the NBA’s leading scorer for the last few years has been keeping an eye us average guys & gals. With a sophisticated system of data analysis and tracking technology KD and his Footlocker assistants would assess whether subjects were ready or not ready to receive a reward of one of the KDI trainer range.

My task for this project was to work in close congestion with Luke Todd from TBA to create these analysis and tech visuals. Creating a series of tracking screens and pseudo GUI’s.


Watch KDI Investigates courtesy of Time Based Arts


Watch some tests from the project:



Director – The Glue Society
Production Company – Independent
Agency – Wieden+Kennedy London
Creatives – David Goss & Ollie Wolf
Creative Director – Anders Stake
Agency Producer – James Guy
Editor – Adam Spivey @ The Playroom
Grade – Mick Vincent @ The Mill

Time Based Arts
Lead Flame – Luke Todd
Flame – Dave Birkill
GFX and animation – Jess Gorick
Production – Hannah Clark, Chris Aliano
Nuke – Andre Dias, Jeanette Moreno, Ewan Callister
3D – James Mann, Toby Winder, Graeme Turnbull
Elements shoot and prep – Joe Prince, Ralph Briscoe
Assistant – Holly O’Neil