Capital FM – TV spots

During 2010 to 2012 I was involved in creating various pseudo screen animations for Capital FM’s on air TV spots. Again working with the power house post boutique Time Based Arts all 3 jobs entailed large format screen animations behind a fast past edit of a gaggle of current A-list artists.


The first round in 2010 consisted of delivering flat animations to be composited into the cut via Flame ops at TBA. The second and third rounds involved creating a 3D backdrop and various sets for these to then project footage onto screen rigs. As always my deliverables were not were near as nice as the final output due to TBA’s superior wizardry and craft. I love working with those guys… they make me look so good.

Watch Capital FM 2010 spot:


Watch Capital FM 2011 spot:


Watch an early test of the screen animations: