General Showreel

Finally after 8 years, I’ve had the time to edit my showreel(s)…

After a few days of diving into drives, begging on the phone and making edit selects I came to the decision to make 2 reels. The first is a general animation reel and the second (will be) a typography centric one. This is the first reel.


With a mix bag of design, animation, illustration, tracking, stabilisation, some compositing, a touch of directing ( just a smidge from the old days ), 3D modelling, animation and mograph as well as a sprinkling of glitch for good measure.

My role on each project was varied, from screen design and animation for comp as part of a team to jack-of-all-trades one man show gigs. For a breakdown of those roles here’s a list in edit sequential order with links to the relevant page on graphic onions.

0:00 Ident
0:13 Miike Snow
0:17 EE launch film
0:20 Phantom
0:27 EE launch film
0:32 Mercedes
0:35 Nike KDI
0:38 Miike Snow
0:40 Capital FM
0:42 Nike KDI
0:44 BBC3
0:48 Vodofone
0:52 Arm & Hammer
0:56 Science in Sport
1:00 Diesel
1:04 Arm & Hammer
1:06 Vodofone
1:08 Capital FM
1:10 Phantom
1:12 Arm & Hammer
1:16 Bloomberg News
1:20 Diesel
1:24 Beko brand film
1:25 Bloomberg News
1:28 Vodofone
1:30 Beko brand film
1:31 New Balance
1:34 Euro Star
1:37 Absolut
1:40 Lucozade Sport
1:41 New Balance
1:42 Nike Hit The Target
1:51 BBC3