The Wombats – This Modern Glitch

Another job for the heads at Warner Music Entertainment to create ten x 40sec track promo’s from The Wombats new album. The brief was a toughy, as I only had the artwork to work from (i.e. one photograph), and x10 animations to turn in.


It was obvious from the artwork that the imagery touched on subjects like psychology, the mind, the wilderness, friendship, loneliness. With much deliberation on how to approach the task in hand, I decided that creating additional assets, or new material might steer the vibe too much in the direction of my interpretation, and ultimately be wrong. So with this in mind I set up creating the Ecsher-esqe infinite mirror effect, programmed to cut with the BPM of the track. Another small but subtle addition was the 3d model / animation of a seagull used as a sprite in a particle setup to create a flock of seagulls. Maybe a little over egging the pudding.

watch Tokyo :


watch Our Perfect Disease :