Knife Party – Rage Valley

Warner Music approached me to create some living e-flyers to promote Pendulum’s Rob & Gareth’s side project Knife Party. The living flyers would sit on YouTube and help promote sales of their upcoming EP ‘Rage Vally’. This seems to be a trend in the music industry these days as more and more promotion is being produced for popular social networking / media sites.

Having been supplied the artwork… it was fun to recreate a moving version of it, and of course the music lent itself to me getting hold of the typography and really *$^!ing it up. Love it. I took stock footage of clouds treated and looped them, created a rolling dune scene in C4d which could endlessly loop and created loop-able spinning rocks to put into a flying particle system. That’s the environment sorted… onto the type. All the type was created on a rolling system which looped of it’s own accord, but then fed into several different audio reactive states. The kick drum drove the general shake, the high notes the splitting & slicing of the type and when the music went really nuts a vertical roll was introduced to make the information barely legible. To top it all off distressed dirt and rough textures were fed into the type as well as the background.

It’s not everyday I get to let loose and really have some fun with moving typography, the pleasure was all mine.

Watch Knife Party – Rage Vally