MSN – The Best of Now

Another great opportunity from Time Based Arts presented itself in the shape of an abstract film from Tomato directors Jason Kedgley and Michael Horsham. I was asked to come up with a typographic solution for key points from the script. As well as typography I was asked to work closely with the uber talented 3D artist James Healy who was lead on the project. I took James’s screen blasts / sketch’s and worked up the overall edit and the animation of the typographic elements. Finally a way of getting to the static website from abstract 3D forms at the end of the film had to be devised, and I worked closely with TBA’s flame maestro Sheldon Gardner supplying cut elements with 3D animation.

The main typography was inspired by analogue terminal notice boards. I built a rig in Cinema 4D to illustrate the films key points, as the brief & script were loose to begin with and I had to create a system to get from one word to another in a visually pleasing way. Some words only 3 letters, others as long as ‘entertainment’ Another hurdle we faced was going from letter A to Z in 0.5 seconds was very jarring to the eye, so my type rig had to literally skip glyphs in order to reach targets with smooth motion.

The incredibly talented James Healy developed and evolved many visual interpretations of ideas born from the script before filtering these down to create a common aesthetic that runs through the 8 distinctive vignettes. Additional 3D development was added by Oscar Gonzalez and Chris Wqood and then Remi Dessinges skilfully brought the 3D to life with some brilliant lighting and rendering. Of course all of these disparate elements were wonderfully crafted together by TBA’s  magicians.

Watch MSN – The Time is Now courtesy of Time Based Arts


Watch MSN – Type Tests



Agency – Beattie McGuinness Bungay
Creatives – Lorelei Mathias / Nathalie Turton
Agency Producer – Tamara Kennon
Production Company – Traffic
Director – Jason Kedgley Michael Horsham @ Tomato
Producer – Len Dickter
Sound Design and composition – Martin Green

Time Based Arts
VFX Supervisors – James Healy, Sheldon Gardner
Flame – James Allen, Mike Skrgatic
AE/Edit – Jess Gorick
3D – Remi Dessinges, Oscar Gonzales-Diez, Chris Wood, Jess Gorick
Grade – Time Based Arts