O2 – Pay As You Go Meaty Bundles

A chance to work with Partizan’s director Chris Cairns via Time Based Arts (as always) was jumped at. Chris’ O2 spot was a tongue in cheek play on the classic flaming quarter pounder, burger ads that were so prominent in the 90′s and naughties. Flaming grills… super high speed shooting of lettuce being tossed into the air, fake retouch fries and salt cascading into shot and burgers dripping with succulent juices being flipped with style. Replace the food with mobile phone SIM cards and you’ve got a fun pastiche of a classic genre of advertising.

All this and more. HUGE larger than life glass over the top typography highlighting the details of the deal, stamped in across the spot. This is where I came in.


Myself and Chris sat down and hammered out a look for the glass type, it took some time… that guy is a perfectionist :) That included drilling deep into a few of the font glyphs like ‘W’ ‘A’ and ‘M’s to rectify the tight angles above 45° and create a 2 anchor point bridge, for nice bevelling that didn’t pinch or overlap in 3D


Watch the Classic Pay As You Go spot here:


Watch the December Simo spot here:



Agency – VCCP London
Production – Partizan
Director – Chris Cairns
Post – Time Based Arts