Nike – Hit the target

A 60 sec Viral with Wayne Rooney and Fernando Torres. Time Based Arts hired me to develop laser beam animations for integration into Nikes latest viral commercial, directed by Anthony Dickenson featuring Rooney and Torres.


We immediately set out developing a system based on Anthony’s vision for how a geometrically and visually pleasing laser target system would work. Once this rig and system was in place many 3D passes where rendered, with which TBA made look beautiful and added the polish they’re so renowned for.

Including the lasers, Time Based Arts also asked me to develop the control screen animations for Torres’ shots, which they oversaw and meticulously integrated into the shots.


watch Hit The Target, courtesy of Time Based Arts:



Director – Anthony Dickenson
Production Company – Pulse Films
Producer Pulse – Mark Harbour
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy London
Creative Director – Stuart Harkness
Agency Producer – James Guy
Telecine - Ben Rogers – (Glassworks)
Sound Design – Will Cohen

Time Based Arts
VFX Supervisor – Mike Skrgatic
Flame - Sheldon Gardner, Pheng Sisopha, James Allen
3D & Screen Design – Jess Gorick