New Balance – Make Chances / Take Chances

Another exciting job presented by Time Based Arts, this time seeing them as joint directors with Anthony Dickenson for New Balance’s new Furon & Visaro football boots.

NB_selects_04 NB_selects_11

The first process was to address a loose script from the client, and hammer it into a good treatment… all revolving around the 4 players Aaron Ramsey, Adnan Januzaj, Jesus Navas and Samir Nasri. My role in the spot would be to track, create 3D type for the 2 tagline’s MAKE & TAKE, as well as generate the elements in an abstract dome based on the print design campaign.

I created various types of environments based on a backplate hexadecimal dome then several triangle shards mashed up in size and Z-space or shafts of light. These were all generate in cinema 4D with various lighting passes and given to the compositors at TBA for final comp. There was several back and forth rounds for all the shots… with some shots just working and others needing a lot more massaging to get a happy medium.


I also created and rendered the passes for all the typography seen in the spot. Including making the edit and track for the frenetic end sequence. Crashing back and forth between several takes that needed the MAKE and TAKE type to start off legible and  end chaotic. This comprised of tracking each shot in 3D with an assigned tracked camera and morphing a hero camera from A > B > A > B > A… with various tensions… it all got a bit complicated, but the result was as natural as we could get it.

NB_selects_02 NB_selects_08

Watch the spot here:



Agency – Wolfpack
Director – Time Based Arts

Time Based Arts
VFX Supervisor – James Allen, Luke Todd
Flame – Sheldon Gardner, Stephen Grasso, Dave Birkill
Nuke – Matt Shires, Andre Dias, Leandro Vasquez, Ralph Briscoe
Smoke – Mike Aveling
Design/Motion Graphics – Jess Gorick
3D – James Mann
Grade – Simone Grattarola

Time Based Arts