Live & Lost

This was another fun job with Pulse director Anthony Dickenson, for their Blackberry sponsored E4 show. The premise of the show is; a music artist gets dropped somewhere in the UK and has 10 days to reach a gig, with only the help from their fans via Myspace and their Blackberry handset. I was commissioned to create the Title sequence package including break bumpers and outro.


First of I designed the logo and look for the branding of the show. The base premise was young and hip, with a strong lean towards the hipstamatic style photography that’s so popular with the kids. We wanted to tell the story in a very short time and felt the interaction with the phone was crucial (without making it look like an advert for Blackberry). Shot over 2 days most of the time was spent tracking and comping in the poster & text messages. The fun was in really pushing the grade & light leaks associated with pin-hole photography.

Watch 15 sec Professor Green Title Sequence :


Watch 5 sec Break Bumper Out :


Watch 5 sec Break Bumper In :



Watch 10 sec End Of Show :

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