Experience the exceptional – Arm & Hammer

My Accomplice approached Time Based Arts about an exciting project for Arm & Hammer and Director / Designer Kate Moross.


Having known of the uber hip and talented Kate Moross before I jumped at the chance. My role was VFX supervisor on the shoot and lead animator creating base cell animation-esqe plates for KM and her team to add hand drawn elements / embellishments over the top.

Lots of watching Studio Gibli water animations and looking at style frames later. I created the rough animatics for each shot. With basic client sign off… it was up to us at TBA to refine the animations and composite while Studio Moross painstakingly drew the frames for the little bits of magic. Having 3D tracked the shots I created these base animations using a mixture of particles / fluid sims and meta skinning. The tsunami  wave being my favourite.

ArmHammer_img_03 ArmHammer_img_04


There was also a question of the large typography elements added in last minute by the client. Kate Moross designed these as stills and I brought them to life using a variety of Mograph and particles techniques… both in cinema 4d and After Effects.

Matt Shires from Time Based Arts worked tirelessly on the composites and it’s worth noting that both of us alone in their new building feeling like we were on an FBI stakeout… we haven’t worked together since… Matt? Matt?

Watch Mouthtastic spot here:


Watch Tinglishous spot here:


Watch Sparklish spot here:



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